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Land Title's staff is here and ready to serve you. We have over 750 years combined experience in the title business and are eager to work for you. Please feel free to contact us.

Name Direct Line Email
* indicates Department Head
Miller, Bill - CEO
Miller, Tripp - President
Legal Department
Niesen, Amy* 205-380-4166
Accounting Department
Crow, Tammy 205-380-4168
Heaton, Mary Jo* 205-380-4172
Commercial Department
Gannett, Susan* 205-380-4164
Gilbert, Michelle 205-380-4181
Hayes, Lisa 205-380-4165
Malkove, Mysti 205-380-4184
Oliver, Janey 205-380-4175
Policy Department
Johnson, Jeni
Haynes, Cathye 205-380-4170
Horton, Allison 205-380-4173
Whatley, Melanie 205-380-4167
Whatley, Lynn* 205-380-4174
Customer Service Department
Colvert, Melissa  
Ellis, Leah 205-380-4179
Howell, Patti  
Mason, Leslie 205-380-4183
Thomas, Lydia* 205-380-4169
Research/Underwriting Department
Brown, Lisa 205-380-4188
Eason, Cynthia* 205-380-4185
Grissom, Christopher  
Mize, Andi 205-380-4186
Morgan, Lori  
Whitt, Amber  205-380-4176
Young, Kathy  
Production Department
Blackwood, Leah* 205-380-4187
Slaten, Ashley  
Posting Department
Gardner, Tamika* 205-380-4178
Swain, Sharon
Williams, Paige  
Sales Executives
Harbin, Jessica 205-368-2609 JGH@LAND-TITLE.NET
Forbus, Aimee 205-368-2610 AAF@LAND-TITLE.NET
Lambert, Cindy 205-907-4029 CSL@LAND-TITLE.NET
Miller, Ben 205-602-8594 BHM@LAND-TITLE.NET
Morris, Wendy 205-365-1997 WWM@LAND-TITLE.NET
Steadman, Mary 205-368-2811 MBS@LAND-TITLE.NET


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